Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form

In Sonic Geometry, Eric Rankin details how the 432 frequency can be found in so many aspects of our life, and how we can measure it in solid and spiritual concepts.

For example, when the angles of a polygon or polyhedron are converted to hertz, a musical tone can be associated with that specific polygon, conversion available for all shapes and forms (eventually).

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Bill Nye is a statist’s statist; a real educational dictator.  In this video, which I believe he was meant to be arguing in favor of Common Core standardized testing, he instead goes off the rails in favor of a rigid Common Core curriculum.  But it’s not just any curriculum he supports, it has to be the one he ideological supports:

• You must learn the alphabet!
• You must learn math!
• You must learn evolutionary biology!
• You must learn physics!
• You must learn chemistry!
• You must learn climate change!

This is why when liberals are in a position of power, they are the antithesis of freedom.  How about instead of deciding what you personally want everyone to learn you instead expose students to entire array of different views, theories, and beliefs…then let them decide which is correct.  How about instead of forcing children to learn, you make them want to learn.  That is the entire enlightening aspect of a vast education - to openly want to obtain knowledge and make critical decisions based on that knowledge.  Bill Nye would rather force-feed the masses into his viewpoint of the world so we’re all complacent drones.  That dumbs down the population, not ameliorates it.

…but he’s right?

Why?  Because he said so?

Do you believe in a top-down centralized education system run by people like Bill Nye in Washington?  Would you rather entrust all the education curriculum be coordinated, planned, and sent to schools across the country to be regurgitated?  Do you not see the harm in having one biased opinionated source supplying all the curriculum then also testing it, which in turn grades the individual schools and teachers?  If a small group of people hold all the facts that the youth must learn, they own the future and all the arguments.

Do you believe every student should learn physics? Or do you believe that every student should have the option to learn physics?  I never wanted to take trigonometry…hell, I barely wanted to take algebra…should I have been forced to?

Look, I understand an educated class of people is important.  Education is very important to our society.  But this idea that every student is the same or has the same level of interests in education is a big crock of shit.  This effort of educational uniformity is just another attempt to collective mediocrity and control.